New season approaches… Come with us!

By Alexandre Schmidt / 1 of November, 2022 /

Hello, friends! After almost two years without news, we’re finally close to finish our new project in order to hit the road again. Open the video below to know more about the next steps of “Xande & Bê around the world”! A big hug to you all!

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#16 Medical Assistance in Serbia

By Alexandre Schmidt / 25 of May, 2020 /

Due to a technical issue with the website, this article was lost. 🙁

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#15 Hitchhiking in Romania

By Betina Bersch / 12 of July, 2019 /

One of the things you can do in order to travel low cost is to hitchhike. Romania is well known as the Hitchhiking Country. We’ve often been told it was easy and safe to get rides in Romania, so we decided to try it and start making use of this way of travelling in our…

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#14 Our experience with the Vipassana meditation retreat

By Betina Bersch / 7 of July, 2019 /

Hello, beautiful people! In the middle of the Transylvanian magic mountains, in Romania, we joined a Vipassana meditation retreat, where we stayed 10 days in total silence. 10 days of a lot of learning and connection. Want to know more about this experience? It’s all in the video below! (remember to turn on captions for…

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#13 Diving into the Hungarian culture.

By Betina Bersch / 27 of May, 2019 /

Hello people! Today we’re going to show you a place in Hungary which opens its gates once per year for visiting. There you have the opportunity to see the only 2-floor Yurt in Hungary, a small village and a lot of Hungarian culture. Have fun! Kisses!

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#12 Goodbye to Hungary; fright at the Romanian border

By Alexandre Schmidt / 22 of May, 2019 /

The 50 days we stayed at Tranquil Pines Camping, Koppányszántó, Tolna, Hungary, were so nice it couldn’t be different when we had to say goodbye: tears rolling down for sure! Goodbyes are almost always very emotionally intense moments. But, due to the limitations imposed by the Schengen Agreement – which is always pursuing us -,…

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#11 A pilgrimage experience

By Betina Bersch / 9 of May, 2019 /

Hello beloved ones! Today we will share with you our first experience as pilgrims. When we were in Fafe, Portugal, our friend Ana was going for a pilgrimage walk, from Fafe to São Bentinho da Porta Aberta, and she invited us to join her. We had never done that before, and we thought: “- Why…

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#10 Luggage: the backpacker’s nightmare

By Alexandre Schmidt / 5 of May, 2019 /

Luggage is literally a pain… lol For me, Betina, the worst part in a trip is packing. I do not know how to restrain myself and I want to take everything I have with me, even more on this trip, with no date to end. I ended up leaving Brazil with two bags of almost…

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#9 Workaway: our way of volunteering.

By Betina Bersch / 28 of April, 2019 /

Hello everyone! In this article we will answer the question that we are asked the most: “What is Workaway?”. So… Workaway ( is a site where you can search for hosts who are looking for some kind of help, such as caring for animals, taking care of the house, helping in the garden, painting the…

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#8 Travel Insurance for free?

By Betina Bersch / 21 of April, 2019 /

Travel Insurance is an item that frequently shows up when it comes to traveling abroad. Even more so if the trip is to Europe, where insurance is a requirement for entry, even if its presentation is not always requested at the border. It is a fact that it may easily become very expensive if you…

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