#10 Luggage: the backpacker’s nightmare

Nós e as lindezas de malas indo de Gloucester até Loughborough na Inglaterra

Luggage is literally a pain… lol

For me, Betina, the worst part in a trip is packing. I do not know how to restrain myself and I want to take everything I have with me, even more on this trip, with no date to end.

I ended up leaving Brazil with two bags of almost 23kg each. A lot, I know, but I could not control myself at the time.

I came with a suitcase full of summer clothes and one with my winter clothes. Xande did the same, but with a small and now immense difference: he brought a suitcase and a backpack, instead of two suitcases.

Xande and his backbag at the train station in Budapest, Hungary.

How I would like to go back in time and have listened when he offered me a backpack to bring half of my stuff.

Traveling in Europe with a wheeled suitcase is ok, but not in all Europe.

The roads of Eastern Europe are very precarious, possibly because of the wars. In Hungary, for example, we passed many public roads that are unpaved, or even sand roads, as in the Puzsta region.

If you want some advice, come with as little as possible. Preferably a backpack with a MAXIMUM load of 20kg.

We spent three months in Portugal during the summer period and then we had to leave the country because of the Schengen Agreement (we wrote about Schengen here). As we went to Ireland – and it would be very cold by the time we were going – we took with us a suitcase with winter clothes only, having left all our summer stuff in Portugal.

Now the summer is approaching and we are in Hungary with our winter clothes, that is, it is possible that we will have to send a suitcase to Portugal by carrier and ask our friends from Portugal to send us our summer stuff back to Hungary.

A big hassle, my friends! So here’s a valuable tip: I suggest you to have a backpack of 20kg (maximum) in basic clothes for all seasons and have a happy, no-stress, life! I have learned the lesson: less is more, ALWAYS! Minimalism will pick up here in the next months!!!

Kisses and see you next time!

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