#4 Why we started in Portugal

Hello people!

So there were 3 reasons that led us to this decision.

The first one is called “price”. We spent a lot of time researching on airfares to various countries on the five continents, because we did not know where we were going; just that we would go… hahaha Until one day we found a mega promotion of one-way tickets to Lisbon. We could not let it pass by, right?!

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The second reason was that entering Portugal is, say, less difficult to enter into Europe compared to other countries. And, of course, the common language was also a plus.

The third reason – and the most important one – was that I, Betina, made an exchange in Portugal eight years ago and I was crazy to review my friends and my Portuguese family!

Stay tuned because an article telling how we went through the border on arrival in Portugal is rolling out very soon.

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