New season approaches… Come with us!

By Alexandre Schmidt / 1 of November, 2022 /

Hello, friends! After almost two years without news, we’re finally close to finish our new project in order to hit the road again. Open the video below to know more about the next steps of “Xande & Bê around the world”! A big hug to you all!

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#16 Medical Assistance in Serbia

By Alexandre Schmidt / 25 of May, 2020 /

Due to a technical issue with the website, this article was lost. 🙁

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#12 Goodbye to Hungary; fright at the Romanian border

By Alexandre Schmidt / 22 of May, 2019 /

The 50 days we stayed at Tranquil Pines Camping, Koppányszántó, Tolna, Hungary, were so nice it couldn’t be different when we had to say goodbye: tears rolling down for sure! Goodbyes are almost always very emotionally intense moments. But, due to the limitations imposed by the Schengen Agreement – which is always pursuing us -,…

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#10 Luggage: the backpacker’s nightmare

By Alexandre Schmidt / 5 of May, 2019 /

Luggage is literally a pain… lol For me, Betina, the worst part in a trip is packing. I do not know how to restrain myself and I want to take everything I have with me, even more on this trip, with no date to end. I ended up leaving Brazil with two bags of almost…

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# 7 Thrown out of the train in Portugal

By Alexandre Schmidt / 14 of April, 2019 /

After our first experience with Workaway at Quinta da Pena (“quinta” is the Portuguese for “site” or “farm”) and having spent a month at Quinta do Muro helping our Portuguese Family, it was time to leave for our second experience, this time in a small town called Benafim , in the middle of the Algarve region. We…

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#6 Immigration in Portugal

By Alexandre Schmidt / 9 of April, 2019 /

After 9 hours and a half of a turbulent flight, with the right to fainting episodes and medical requests on board, the last step before we could say that we were officially on Portuguese grounds was still missing: go through immigration. Even so, Bê was already thrilled to see, during the landing, places she had…

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#5 The day of departure

By Alexandre Schmidt / 30 of March, 2019 /

adeus, aeroporto, airport, departure, goodbye, partida, saudades

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#3 How we search for flights

By Alexandre Schmidt / 30 of March, 2019 /

One question we are often asked is “How do you do with transportation?” In this article, we talk a little about airline tickets, tools and techniques that we use to choose the deal that best fits the assumptions of our trip, especially the fact that it is a low-cost trip. “And how do you find…

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#1 About this site

By Alexandre Schmidt / 27 of March, 2019 /

Welcome! We created this site because, just like us, before traveling, many people are curious to know more about how it feels like to travel the world. Here we will answer any questions about our journey, planning, places and also give some advice we judge useful for the future traveler. We will share with you…

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