#10 Luggage: the backpacker’s nightmare

By Alexandre Schmidt / 5 of May, 2019 /

Luggage is literally a pain… lol For me, Betina, the worst part in a trip is packing. I do not know how to restrain myself and I want to take everything I have with me, even more on this trip, with no date to end. I ended up leaving Brazil with two bags of almost…

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#9 Workaway: our way of volunteering.

By Betina Bersch / 28 of April, 2019 /

Hello everyone! In this article we will answer the question that we are asked the most: “What is Workaway?”. So… Workaway ( is a site where you can search for hosts who are looking for some kind of help, such as caring for animals, taking care of the house, helping in the garden, painting the…

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#8 Travel Insurance for free?

By Betina Bersch / 21 of April, 2019 /

Travel Insurance is an item that frequently shows up when it comes to traveling abroad. Even more so if the trip is to Europe, where insurance is a requirement for entry, even if its presentation is not always requested at the border. It is a fact that it may easily become very expensive if you…

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#3 How we search for flights

By Alexandre Schmidt / 30 of March, 2019 /

One question we are often asked is “How do you do with transportation?” In this article, we talk a little about airline tickets, tools and techniques that we use to choose the deal that best fits the assumptions of our trip, especially the fact that it is a low-cost trip. “And how do you find…

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#2 Have you ever heard about Schengen?

By Betina Bersch / 27 of March, 2019 /

If you want to travel to Europe, it’s very important to know about Schengen. But it’s okay if you don’t, since we didn’t know too before we traveled and even many Europeans have no clue about what it is. We never heard about it and, by pure luck, before we traveled, a friend asked us…

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